The Welder Training Programmed is designed to satisfy the need of the Malaysian Oil & Gas Exploration & Production (EP) industry for formally assessed and certified Welder as per requirement in the Standard Malaysian Oil & Gas industry welder Specification. The programmed is specifically tailored for all the
Personnel with or without experience.

The PTS Welder Training/Assessment & Certification Scheme was established in response to the EP industry, which has identified a need to enhance the skills of blasters and painters in the industry. The scheme is aimed at improving the quality of workmanship thereby reducing overall costs. The objective of this project is to help the industry design, setup and facilitate implementation of a training/assessment & certification scheme for welder. The target result is that the industry can look forward with better confidence to higher quality manpower.


The objectives of the programmed are:

2.1 To enable all current workers to be certified in accordance to international qualification.
2.2 To increase the quality and the number of skilled workers in the field of Scaffolding Industries under an International Qualification.
2.3 To provide and establish a recognized International Scheme and/or Standard in Malaysia.
2.4 To increase the competency level of workers personnel (in the field of Welder) and enabling them to compete actively in the welder industries locally and globally.


The programmer consists of practical Welder training which followed with classroom theoretical.